• The Penny Dreadful One Line Horror Competition III: Tweet of the Death Nerve

    by  • October 17, 2015 • Featured Article, PD Online

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    Traditionally the bell rings 12 times at midnight, but one night every year in the corners of our humble office, it rings 13. This demarks the annual emergence from the bowels of our collective id of The Penny Dreadful One Line Horror Competition. For those not yet initiated with its terrible, terrible mind tendrils wrapping around what remains of their souls, this is a Twitter competition. To enter, tweet a one line horror story with the hashtag #PDHorror.

    Here are some examples from the previous years:

    “He’s just her imaginary friend,’ I heard my mother say, as Toby used my Etch A Sketch to scrawl the words: ‘I’m neither. ‏#PDHorror” - @LjCassidy

    “Her memories were the most beautiful thing about her, which is why I saved her temporal lobe for last.” - ‏@EmmaPaulet

    “The abnormal mass shivers, swells under my skin. The doctor pokes it & smiles, ‘Soon we will be able to remove you from the tumour.” -@emreapy

    (To see the full lists of 2013 and 2014, click here and here)

    The ten best entries will be featured on the website on October 31st and the winner shall win a copy of The Penny Dreadful issue 6, a cash prize of €6.66 and an original etching of the winning tweet by our portraitist in the attic. The winner will be chosen by our ghost judge (hoy-hoy-hoy), writer and last year’s winner, Elizabeth Reapy, author of the forthcoming novel Red Dirt, published by Head of Zeus.  The competition runs till midnight of October the 30th and you can enter as many times as you like.

    So tweet us your concise chillers using the hashtag #PDHorror and we’ll see you on Halloween, Boils and Ghouls!




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