• The Penny Dreadful One Line Horror Competition III: Tweet of the Death Nerve - Results

    by  • October 31, 2015 • Featured Article, PD Online

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    Nice to see you again, our old fiends. Well, our guest judge Elizabeth Reapy read through all your entries to the Penny Dreadful One Line Horror Competition and thankfully before beginning what is sure to be an extended stay in our personal Victorian asylum due to protracted bouts of terror, she had selected a winner and 9 runners up.

    The runners up are as follows…

    ReeD ‏@ReeDwithaBee Oct 29
    She escaped the shadowy presence & went to the beach, but all her footprints in the sand were being echoed by another, booted set. #PDHorror

    Hope Denney ‏@HopeDenney2 Oct 28
    He stroked her rippling gold tresses by the glow of candlelight. On chilly nights like this, he wished he’d kept the rest of her. #PDHorror

    ReeD ‏@ReeDwithaBee Oct 28
    She studied the large blister hanging heavy on her wrist. Against the sun, she could see tiny spiders wriggling in the liquid. #PDHorror

    K-thulhu (Odinsknot) ‏@Odinsknot 
    I cannot forget the oily, pulpy thing dragging my screaming friends to watery graves - I wish to God that I had not summoned it.

    LL Ghoul RJ ‏@jabe842 
    My nerves were raw, but I had to laugh when my own reflection in the window made me jump. Then I realised there wasn’t any glass. #PDHorror

    Sarah Skellington ‏@SarahBrentyn 
    A worm slithered from his cuff, then another, before he loosened his tie & said, “I guess it’s time to show you who I am, love.” #PDHorror

    Chrissie Cuthbertson ‏@BeadyAye 
    Our dog stared into the room - hackles up, bared teeth, growling. The trouble began when we started seeing what he was seeing,. #PDHorror

    LL Ghoul RJ ‏@jabe842 
    She cursed the dirty handprints all over the kitchen floor, recalling the days before the experiment, when the dog still had paws.

    Robin Oree ‏@nibORee 
    The night after she’d learned Morse code, she woke to the baby’s kicks; three short, three long, three short. #PDHorror

    And the winner is…

    LL Ghoul RJ ‏@jabe842
    The puppets danced and played, their strings ascending into empty shadows. The puppeteer had died ten years earlier.

    Congratulations LL Ghoul RJ, who will be receiving a dreadful package of the 6.66 euro cash prize, the next issue of the Penny Dreadful, a personal illustration of their tweet and our congratulations. Thank you again to our judge, Elizabeth Reapy and everyone who entered. Have a Dreadful Halloween and don’t worry about that shadow that is standing behind you.



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