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    So you have managed to navigate the highway that is the byway of the internet and found yourself washed up on the shores of The Penny Dreadful. “The what?” you ask in a simian like fashion, scratching your forehead with your knuckles. Wait here while we fetch you a banana.

    The Penny Dreadful is the highest brow compendium of literature since bald men invented widow’s peaks and we all decided to go along with it.

    Starting as a photocopied zine in 2012 the Penny Dreadful (or “PD”, as we’ve taken to calling it, aren’t we clever) has developed into Ireland’s foremost literary magazine and independent press. The “PD” published thrice annually. If you are desirous to appear in the Penny Dreadful magazine, our submission guidelines can be found here.


    Marc O’Connell


    Cethan Leahy

    Assistant Editor

    Róisín Kelly