• Now In Rainbows

    by  • May 23, 2013 • Featured Poem, PD Online

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    i.m. Garo

    Upon the sedimentary base of the Río Grande
    or Río Bravo (depending on your line of approach)
    his corpse was found. It probably stank.
    It was probably bloated and purple
    and was definitely shackled.

    As they dragged the thing
    that used to be him
    to the twinkling surface
    filthy liquids that had soaked
    and stained his white cotton socks
    must have streamed
    from his trainers
    through shoelace holes
    and from his nostrils and pockets
    rendering business cards or,
    more likely, scraps of paper
    with scribbled names and numbers,
    illegible and pointless.

    From Brownsville to Matamoros
    he had crossed to visit his parents.
    There were signs of torture.
    He had rented a car.

    Like others I decided not
    to attend his funeral.
    I hardly knew him I told myself.
    He stayed in Condesa
    for three days and nights
    when down for the In Rainbows tour.
    The last text I sent him
    was to complain about
    not moving his gear from my couch
    at the agreed-upon hour.

    Every death is an unacceptable affront.
    The inexplicable murder
    of a young orchestral conductor
    is a dark leaden palm
    that pushes down on the lungs.

    Let it be known and understood –
    there is nothing to be learned
    ………………………………..from this.




    Dylan Brennan’s poetry has been published in a number of Irish and international journals such as Agenda Broadsheets, Poetry Ireland Review, New Binary Press Anthology of Poetry, The Penny Dreadful Magazine, Revival Literary Journal, The OFI Press, Arabesques etc. He has also collaborated with the Fundación Juan Rulfo on two of their recent publications 'El gallo de oro' (2010) and 'Juan Rulfo: Otras Miradas' (2010). In 2006 he featured in the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series. He lives and works in Mexico.