• Some Manner of Summer Readings

    by  • June 24, 2015 • Featured Article, PD Online

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    Huh? What? The Penny Dreadful Magazine and Gorse have teamed up for one hell of a mid-summer event in Cork featuring readings from the past contributors of both journals? May God have mercy on us all!

    Planning on finally having that long overdue vacation? Getting married? Attending a mechanical opera? Not on July 3rd you’re not, you’re coming to The Roundy at 8pm. For legal reasons, we can’t just come out and say that it will be the greatest night of your life, but we can strongly infer it with vague folksy phrases like “Ah, wouldn’t it be grand”.

    Not from Cork? Well now is the perfect time to visit! Featuring: Cal Doyle, Elaine Cosgrove, Hugh Fulham-McQuillan, Pat O’Connor, Michael Shanks & Victoria Kennefick

    So come. Readings. Drinking. Ah, wouldn’t it be grand.



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