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    Issue 7: Winter/Spring 2017


    65 pages

    ISSN: 2009-5570

    Ireland / N.Ireland €7.50

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    The Outside World €9.30

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    Oisín Fagan Logic Please Answer Yes or No / Patrick Fitzgerald Enquire Within Upon Everything / Lauren Addicott In Piece / Ray Nessly  You Atop Franz Josef Glacier Twelve Miles From the Tasman Sea, What Gorillas ‘Talk’ About When Gorillas ‘Talk’ About Love/ Premee Mohamed Instructions / Neil Rathmell Degradation / Jan Carson Inside the Department of Actually Getting Things Done / Karl White Review

    Cover Art

    Sunita Agrawal


    Matthew Sweeney Petite Poemes en Prose after Baudelaire / Dylan Brennan Natrix Natrix, Ghost Brides/ Estevo Creus (trans: Keith Payne) Excerpts from The Book of the Dogs / Gerard Smyth Village Butcher /  Simon Lewis When Father Died, The Shochet / Jessica Traynor In Praise of Fixer Women, Trash Witch, Hide and Seek / Rosamund Taylor When I was Twelve / David Toms The Clutch, Wadding / Bernadette McCarthy Mustard Plaster, Dole / David J Costello Sowerby Bridge