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    Issue 5: Spring/Summer 2015


    65 pages

    ISSN: 2009-5570

    Ireland / N.Ireland €7.50

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    The Outside World €9.30

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    John Boyne Beneath The Earth / Eimear Ryan The Year of the Jumper / Nuala Ní Chonchúir Stonebaby / Sarah Clancy Silver or Lead / Alan McMonagle Jerome / Sharlene Teo Home

    Cover Art

    Daire Lynch (dairelynchart.com)


    Dylan Brennan No Black Rats (OR: Of an Island Where Human Corpses Exposed to The Atmosphere do not Suffer Decay) / Jessica Traynor Study into a Retweet’s Effect on the Brain, There is Room / Armel Dagorn The siege of Ushuaia / David J. Costello Fishing at Trawsfynydd in the 1960s / Dean Browne from Routes, Billets Deux / Victoria Kennefick Corset, Terrifying Things People Do Everyday / Susan Connolly Holly Berry, the Crook Road, Mornington / Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh (Billy Ramsell) Sealbhú (Possession) / Laryssa Wirstiuk Meat Pics / Fabian Sweeney An intact architeuthis dux specimen crashes to earth in Togher / Patrick Cotter The Isle of Langette / Graham Allen Review / Dean Browne Review