• Blood Oranges: Poetry by Dylan Brennan


    64 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-910097-50-2

    Ireland/ N. Ireland - €12


    The Outside World - €13


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    Blood Oranges is the debut collection of poet Dylan Brennan. His work has been published widely in English and Spanish and in 2014 he was shortlisted for the Fish International Short Memoir Prize and Blood Oranges was awarded the runner up prize in the Patrick Kavanagh Award.

    “The only problem with Blood Oranges is that when one starts talking about it, one can not stop… A cracking book.” - Macdara Woods

    “An extraordinary poetic journey… it gestures toward future poetic excavations into history’s zest and sorrow, past known and unfamiliar denominations, down through hitherto un-breached layers.” - Billy Ramsell

    “Dylan’s poetry is full of life and death, of flesh and seeds, fertility and of constant renewal and ever present extinction. It is a meditation on the persistence of violence, and the parallel persistence of life.” - Sarah Clancy