• The Penny Dreadful One Line Horror Competition - Winners

    by  • October 31, 2013 • Featured Article, PD Online

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    It was a dark and stormy two weeks since we announced the Penny Dreadful One Line Horror Competition. Since then, we have had hundreds of entries from you via the #PDHorror hashtag and they were all perfectly petrifying, a mix of ghouls, gore and gruesomeness. Thank you all for entering and sharing your worst nightmares.

    But like Van Hesling after he finds some excellent sticks, we must whittle down to a sharp ten. So the nine runners up are:

    “It crept crook-backed that night from the silenced house & paused to harvest the birthday balloons from the garden gate.” - @nam_ov

    ”I could touch all four walls without getting out of bed. The freezing bricks bit my fingertips & absorbed the sound of my screams.” - @guyserious

    ‏”He always fed the birds when they were hungry, and his dying didn’t change that.” - @ClaireNolan

    “Of course I’m your mummy, you silly, silly thing, Jane!” she grinned, moving towards Millie with her arms outstretched.”  - @DonnellanJacki

    “My sister wouldn’t stop crying, even after we buried her.” - @Nora_Nix

    “She made a bread man, baked a lovely crust around his corpse, so he could stand in the shop at Halloween unnoticed.” - @GRWDonega

    “We’re sorry for your loss, they keep saying, not knowing there are only a few pieces still missing.” - @anywhither

    “As they crossed the point of no return and reality seemed to fade into memory, she smiled and whispered to him “I was lying”  -@OhYouThinkSo

    “Told ya you’d eat yer words, said The Butcher Madigan, forcefeeding me slivers of my book wrapped around razor blades.”  -@MaireTRobinson

    And the winning tale, which goes home with the devilish sum of €6.66, a copy of The Penny Dreadful and the last known etching of the Ghost Goat of Gorseinon is…

    “He’s just her imaginary friend,’ I heard my mother say, as Toby used my Etch A Sketch to scrawl the words: ‘I’m neither.” ‏ - @LjCassidy

    So have a happy Halloween and The Penny Dreadful will see you on the other side…




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