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    Issue 2: Summer/Autumn 2013


    75 pages

    ISSN: 2009-5570

    Ireland / N.Ireland €6.50

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    The Outside World €8.30

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    Marissa Levian Devotion / Alan McMonagle Page Three Girls / Madeleine D’Arcy Salvage / Robert Doyle The Turk Inside / Valerie O’Riordan Monkeys in Love / Cethan Leahy What is that Noise? / Sara Baume Review


    Aoife Layton Featured Artist


    Paul Muldoon At the Lab / Alan Jude Moore Taksim / Cal Doyle The Day ‘They’ Switched the Internet Off, Forget the Swan  / Dean J. Browne Ygdrasill? / Dale House Houstman Like a Sea Gorilla / Michael Ray Passerine Origami / John Liddy Food for Thought / Michael Farry The 1916 Rising / Michael J. Whelan The Soldier’s Face / Sarah Clancy I Am Not Tired / David J. Doyle Atheist in Bed / Tim Cumming Plate Tectonica / Jennifer Matthews Breakfast with Bonnie, The Good News / Gerald Smyth Nostalgia for the Doughnut Shop / Richard Hawtree This Poetic Jewel of Iceland / Afric McGlinchey Review