• The Proverb Zoo by Armel Dagorn


    108 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-912606-03-0

    Ireland/N. Ireland – €12

    The Outside World – €14.50

    A stunning collection of stories casting a curious eye on modern life and Ireland, Dagorn’s unexpected tales introduce us to figures such as socialist canines, boy geniuses and the lost citizens of Kildare Village. 

    “Armel Dagorn’s debut collection is a thing of rare beauty. These stories are wise, clear-eyed and deceptively delicate in their crafting and deserve the attention of the widest possible audience. Readers, put yourselves in the hands of a major new voice.”
    Billy O’Callaghan

    “Astute. Wry. Intricate. Disarming. A delightful blend of mordant swagger and tender detail. But, for me, the singular accomplishment is how the collection’s assorted cast members variously alight on moments of grace amidst a seemingly wished-for parade of disappointments, reversals, setbacks and betrayals. Wonderful.”
    Alan McMonagle