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    Issue 8: Summer 2017


    60 pages

    ISSN: 2009-5570

    Ireland / N.Ireland €7.50

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    The Outside World €9.30

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    Pat O’Connor The Museum of Future Art / Anna Conway A Lough As Big As The Sea/ Deirdre Sullivan All That You Possess / Celine Fox Daydreams of Refuge / Niamh Campbell Father of my Children / Karl White Essay

    Cover Art

    Laura Perrem


    Susanna Galbraith some instructions on bring with a body (for the attention, perhaps, of someone for whom something like a body is missing / Natalie Crick The Lovers / Deirdre Daly Mansplain / Christine Murray It is Not a Burning /  Gabriel Rosenstock Canadh os Ard (Singing it Heart Out) / Richard Hawtree Pastourelle / Tara Werner ~ (L ∧ B) (~L ∧  B) ∨  → (L ∧ ~ B) / Matt Rader Cactus + Cigarette + Unicorn, Winter Suns / Stephanie Conn Rabbit Feast